What To Do in Istanbul

The most ideal approach to experience Istanbul is to take into account unscheduled meandering in the middle of visits to chronicled locales and historical centers. Rise sufficiently early to share of the prestigious Turkish breakfast. What’s more, ride the ships, frequently. They’re not only an approach to get from here to there; on a ship you can rest feet fatigued from touring, drink tea, or eat a barbecued cheddar sandwich and take in the best perspectives of anyplace in the city.

The main city on the planet that is in both Asia and Europe, Istanbul additionally straddles the old and present day universes.

The phantoms of raiding Crusaders and walking janissaries frequent the city’s notable back streets—however this is no gallery: the Bosporus is as yet a humming corridor for sea exchange, and the hints of building development play a consistent counterpoint to the yells of road vendors and the call of the muezzin. There are a few reasons why guests return over and again: the setting is outstanding, appropriate on the Sea of Marmara and on the back of the bustling Bosporus Strait. What’s more, Istanbul’s horizon is a dazzling mélange of vaults, minarets, medieval towers, and office structures approaching over low-ascent private structures.

Today the social and budgetary focal point of Turkey, Istanbul has been the capital of three domains—Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman. Our Istanbul travel direct consolidates the best of Istanbul old and new.

Here Visit & GO  gives you interesting information before you travel to Istanbul and nice things to do at the destination.

When is best time to visit Istanbul ?

The best time to visit Istanbul is summer,is the most well known time to visit however can be awkwardly hot and muggy. Spring and fall are more wonderful, with less guests (and shorter lines at significant traveler destinations). Winter can be an incredible time to visit on the off chance that you can overcome the icy and moist; inn costs drop drastically, and under a shroud of mist or snow the agonizing city feels particularly sentimental; a teahouse around each corner makes it simple to pursue away the chills.

You should know 

Be careful cover venders in the Old City and the Grand Bazaar, who will bait you in with the guarantee that you can “simply look” and offer glasses of tea before laying on the hard offer (recollect that: you are not committed to purchase, regardless of the possibility that you drink that tea). Accumulate little bills, particularly on the off chance that you plan to utilize taxicabs to get around; drivers once in a while convey much change. Istanbul local people are unfathomably friendly; don’t be shocked if an impeccable more interesting offers you a glass of tea at a teahouse. A couple expressions of Turkish (merhaba for “hi,” kolay gelsin for “relax,” and tessekur ederim for “thank you”) will smooth experiences.


Turkish lira (TL)


Type C (two-prong round plug)

What you can do in Istanbul ?

Have a Bosphorus Cruise & visit Istanbul Egyptian Bazaar

213 Approved Unbranded

Visit Hagia Sophia & the Underground Cistern in private tour 


Enjoy Istanbul by Night with Turkish Dinner and Show 


Discover the fantastic Cappadocia in 1 day from Istanbul


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