What does the world eat in Easter holiday?


Spring is the favorite season for the most people internationally with its colorful flowers, moderate weather and most importantly the Easter holiday where all the family of all ages gathers together to celebrate.

Although all the countries worldwide differ in their traditions, cultures, and languages, they have a mutual celebration aspect of Easter holiday .. Food. The celebrations cannot be completed without decorating the table with special traditional dishes for the Easter day.

Let’s take a tour around selected traditional cuisines from Egypt and Morocco in the Middle East along with Turkey, and Spain in Europe to know more about the delicious foods cooked specially for Easter Holiday.



“Sham El-niseem” is the day following Easter day where all the families gathered outdoor to enjoy the weather while eating. The most national food eaten here is Herring or “Feseekh” and “Molouha” which are salted fish and “Renga” the smoked fish.


These meals are usually served with green onions, Lettuce, Lemon and Tahina then they drink tea after this heavy meal. Also, some of the international habits engaging in Egyptian Easter celebration like colored eggs and Easter bunny where the day often starts with coloring the eggs with the kids.


Moroccan Couscous
Couscous – traditional Moroccan food in Marrakech, Morocco, Africa

In Morocco, nothing can beat the beauty of traditional Tagine for an elegant Easter dinner. The first Traditional Tagine is “Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Prunes & almonds”, it is flavored with delicious spices and fruits.


The other dish is “Lamb and Fennel Tagine” that will bring a special elegance to the table in the Easter for people who love meat more, it can be served with “Couscous” and vegetables.



The Traditional Easter day in Turkey starts with coloring eggs and chocolate Easter bunny then the wider Family gathered to eat the traditional hot “cross buns” that only served in Easter Day and a “sweet bread loaf” which is a traditional food dates back to antiquity.


Turkish Easter dinner is like the most European Countries, the table becomes full of many delicious courses at once include chicken, Lamb, and turkey. Then, they eat “Halva” and “Baklava” for the dessert.



“Semana Santa” is the name of Easter week in Spain where there are popular Easter dishes prepared for this occasion include “Hornazo”, a meat pie filled with eggs and “Torrijas” which is the same as French toast but it is thicker pieces and served with honey and sugar.


Spanish traditional food did not focus only on the main dishes, there are also desserts that prepared specially in Easter time such as “Mona de Pascua”, a Customary Cake for Easter only, and “Bartolillos” which is fried pie filled with creamy custard topped with icing sugar available mainly in Madrid. #SemanaSanta


Tell us which one of these traditional Easter foods do you like to try the most and can be a good dinner idea for the next Easter Holiday? #EasterWeek


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