Dubai ATM Event: Glimpse into Worldwide Travel Industry

Tourism nowadays is growing significantly all around the globe, and the Middle Easterns have recently tended to spend more on traveling and visiting new places, encouraging giant companies to invest more in this field and helping small ideas to exist and grow.


Dubai, UAE is set to host one of the leading travel and tourism industry’s annual events in the Middle East during this month, offering a golden opportunity for professionals in the Arab region and the whole world to negotiate and discover the most recent trends in this sector.
Arabian Travel Market (ATM) event, which is scheduled to take place between 22 and 25 April, will bring together a massive number of the tourism sector’s leaders and open the way for giant investment deals that value around $2.5 million annually.

The four-day exhibition further provides more than 2,800 global products and destinations to around 28,000 buyers and visitors at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC), according to the event’s official website.


Mr. Nabil El Shafeay, the CEO of the Egyptian newly-born startup Visit and Go ( announced plans to attend the event and conduct several business meetings to share new ideas and discuss the latest updates and trends in the industry.

Dubai’s mega event will be attended by global tycoons and large corporations from all around the world, reflecting a true image of the worldwide tourism industry and setting the sector’s actors’ future visions, especially in the Middle East.
Visit and Go’s CEO will be representing the Egyptian company during the event, giving an overview of its activities and sharing his experience as a previous executive and manager in several traveling firms.

Visit and go

Visit and Go is the first Arabic platform for tours and activities and things to do worldwide, while its main vision is to change people’s mindset about tourism and traveling and help them get the best traveling offers.

The company aims to take the advantage of the growing things-to-do market and compete with giant rivals on different levels, as it provides the first Arabic content about traveling and plans to partner with up to 2,000 tour operators and serve more than 9 million users in the Middle East.

The world is getting closer, and people do no longer want to get stuck in one place, they now believe that visiting new places of the planet earth is becoming as vital as getting a new job or having a life partner.

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