4 Things To Do in Turkey Away From The Capital


Turkey knows how to entertain the foreign visitors with an excellent hospitality and warm welcome. It has been attracted 32,410,034 tourists in 2017 as recorded by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, no wonder it ranked as the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world.

Balloon in turkey

Turkey is caring about providing the best travel experience for its visitors throughout their vacation in all the cities not only Istanbul, that is why Turkey has a unique atmosphere that you will never feel if you did not visit it yet. The country gives you ideas for your holiday to suit your preference, here are 4 interesting things to do in Turkey away from Istanbul.

1- Water Activities


Turkey has stunning rivers and sparkling lakes which make it one of the most spectacular watersports destinations in the world. You may try Scuba diving in Marmaris for an underwater adventure, also one of the wonderful place in Side is Dolphin island where you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling.

Green Canyon Alanya Tour Visit and Go.jpg

Looking for more extreme water adventure? You will like to experience the famous White-Water Rafting in Koprulu Canyon National park to have a fun time with your family and friends during the summer or choose to explore the Sapadere Canyon and Green Canyon in Alanya to enjoy these scenic spots.

2- Outdoor Adventures

trekking in CAPPADOCIA.jpg

Many outdoor activities in Turkey wait for nature lovers like Hot Air Balloons which is the most popular outdoor activity in Cappadocia that you will not think twice to try once you arrive in Turkey. Also, if you are like to shut down the noise, the Kackar Mountains is a perfect destination for hiking and trekking to discover the charming of Cappadocia with only you and the nature around you.

3- Adrenaline-Rush Safari

Quad biking

Safari is one of the unbeaten activities to see the countryside of Turkey in an exciting and interesting way. The Safari in Turkey is not like any other safari in the desert but it gives a different experience with Buggy and Quad Safari in riverbeds and forest along with Jeep Safari that is a great way to watch the fantastic views of mountains in Marmaris.

4-Turkish Food

borek turkish food 2.jpg

You cannot visit a country without trying their traditional foods, the food is an important part of any culture especially if you are visiting turkey where you can find the most delicious dishes and desserts. Every region in turkey has famous food products that are suitable for your budget from the most expensive to street foods.

Turkish street food.jpg

It is a must to take a time to delight yourself while you are in Istanbul with a taste of two continents, a mix of Asian and European cuisines in one country, that includes traditional Kebab, Doner, and Börek, also do not hesitate to try the street food and have a sweet ending with kunefe and Baklava.


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