Frequently Asked Questions About Visit & Go

Q1. Who are you and What exactly do you do?
A: Visit and Go is the #1 online Arabic Marketplace for things to do Worldwide, founded in 2015 by two Egyptian travel experts with the mission of enhancing the traveler experience by mixing Travel with Technology, categorizing very curated “Things To Do” worldwide at reasonable prices and instant booking confirmation.


Q2. What are the services that you offer?
A: Visit and Go offers various products including:

  • Services: A massive number of comfortable and cheap Transportation and Charter services.
  • Activities: A variety of entertaining and relaxing activities that help you discover the magical beauty of each and every spot in the world and make the most out of your travel experience.
  • Tickets: Early-bird tickets to your favorite art and sports shows and giant events at reasonable prices and pay for the historical landmarks admission and skip the line tickets.
  • Trips:
    Choose from several durations and services, pick a day, multi-day, or private trips for individuals and groups and get an instant booking confirmation.
  • Tours:
    Get to explore the world and select between different types of excursions. This part includes History & Culture, Beach, Ecotourism, Sightseeing, and Walking Tours.
  • Airport Lounges: Relax and spend an enjoyable time at several lounges at many international airports.
  • Packages: Enjoy various multi-day trips all around the world including accommodation, transportation, and many other activities.

Q3. What types of tours and trips do you have?
A: We have multi-day packages and standalone tours and we offer several types of excursions such as walking tours, bike tours, cruises, sightseeing tours, sports and art shows tickets … etc.


Q4. Can I use your platform to book a flight ticket or a hotel room?
A: Unfortunately, no, unless the tour or the trip itself includes accommodation or a flight ticket.


Q5. Can you help me get a visa to my country of destination?
A: Unfortunately, the website does not offer this service, although you can check here to find more details about how to get a Schengen visa to Europe. 


Q6. How can I make a booking on your website?
A: You can simply search for your desired destination, click on (Book Now) and follow the booking steps. Kindly find a detailed guide on how to use the website here.


Q7. Do I need to register or create an account to book with Visit and go?

A: Technically, yes. But no worries, the website will automatically transfer you to the registration page so you can fill in your data before confirming your booking.


Q8. How do I pay for your services/ What is the payment method?

A: You can easily book using your credit, debit, or online card. The website uses a secure online payment gateway to make sure your card details are safe and the website does not store any of your card information.


Q9. Can I make an offline booking locally at your office or via phone?!

A: No, these services are not available at the moment. We only take bookings through our website.


Q10. How do I know that my booking is confirmed?
A: Once your booking process has been done and your payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email that you can either save or print to show it before the tour’s beginning.


Q11.Do you offer an instant booking confirmation?

A: Yes, most of our tours include an instant booking confirmation as the confirmation email will be sent to you instantly after you submit all the required data.


Q12. How can I cancel my booking and do I get a refund?

A: The confirmation email sent to you via email will include a cancellation option. The cancellation policy differs from tour to another, and you will be refunded in accordance with this policy.


Q13. How do I know the tour has been canceled?

A: You will receive an email with any updates regarding your booking.


Q14. What is VAT?
A: Value added tax (VAT) is a tax on the consumption or use of goods and services levied at the point of sale. VAT is a form of indirect tax and is used in over 180 countries worldwide.


Q15. Is VAT included in the tours’ prices?

A: Yes, all prices are final and they do not include any hidden fees.


Q16: Do you have an established mobile application?
A: Not yet, but we are planning to create an easy-to-use app in the near future. The website works efficiently on most of the mobile web browsers though.


Q17. Where are your headquarters located?

A: We have 2 main headquarters based in Madrid, Spain, and Cairo, Egypt.

Q18. What are the destinations do you provide your services at?

A: We mostly cover over 600 destinations all across the globe and we add around 400 new tours every week.


Q19. Do you have any special offers or discount policies?

A: We do not currently have a specific policy for offers and discounts, but we provide a 10% cashback on all of our products till the end of June 2018. Any new offers will be announced on the website and sent to all users via email.

For more inquiries or requests, please contact us at

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