How to use Visit & Go portal to book tours & activities worldwide

Visitors book the flights and hotels when planning a trip, but many of them don’t realize that they may save time and effort by booking tours & activities in advance.

Visit & Go make this task easy and simple, It’s your guide to book things to do worldwide from your place online by following these steps:

How to search on Visit and Go website?

  1. You can search with the country, City, Destination, Activity in the box on the home page and press “Explore”.

Step 1

2. Or choose from the following categories: Activities, Services, Tickets, Tours, Trips, Multi-day trips, and Airport Lounge.   

step 1,2

  1. Activities, you can choose from Adventure, Couples, Family, Lesson, Nightlife, Relax or rural
  2. Services, you can choose from Charter and transport
  3. Tickets, you can choose from Musem, show, Sports, Theme Parks
  4. Tours, you can choose from History & Culture, Ecotourism, On the beach, Sightseeing and Walking Tours
  5. Trips, you can choose from Day trip and private trip
  6. Airport Lounge, you can choose from more than 68 lounges around the world
  7. The multi-day trip, you can choose from many packages worldwide


3. You can filter the results by prices, Dates, Rating, Country, and province on the left side of the page. I.e. filter with the lowest price in France, Paris.

how to search 2

How to book your tour?

How to book from V&G

  1. Open your preferred tour and read the details
  2. On the right side, choose your date, number of adults and number of children
  3. Choose your preferred “extras” (if any)
  4. Press “Reserve” or “Check Availability”
  5. Fill all the “travelers Information” as shown
  6. Press “Confirm Booking”
  7. Press “Start Order”
  8. Sign up for Visit & Go by filling the required information as shown



You can change language (English & Arabic) and currency or check your cart at the right top of the page


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